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With China’s economic development and accelerate the process of global economic integration, China’s hand tools processing industry has gradually become the main force of the world’s hardware production industry. Whether it is the global market or the Chinese tool market tools, hand tools more widely, while demand beyond imagination, the demand for hand tools developed an annual rate of more than ten percent annually. So in this environment, we have to analyze the gap between domestic and foreign hand tools among enterprises.

hand tools

hand tools

The gap between Chinese and foreign hand tools

Speaking from the enterprise scale: foreign large scale enterprises, foreign enterprises is generally “a special can” and its products, including hand tools and power tools, automotive diagnostic and repair equipment, diagnostic technologies and related products, widely used in automotive, aerospace and other commercial areas. Most of China’s small-scale enterprise tools, products rich enough, typical “without much stronger.”
From a strategic planning perspective, the company’s world-class products, often giving a very clear impression. Our tools business there excessive competition, many domestic manufacturers and brands main businesses are not prominent, core competitiveness poor.

From the brand perspective

a tool of foreign companies have become internationally renowned multinational companies, and Chinese companies most tools are obscure in the international market.
Technically, the gap between us and the big multinational companies, they have the ability to design and processing methods, with advanced design reserves, a serious lack of technology
From the perspective of talent, a lot of foreign companies to Chinese production, they pay more attention to the Chinese market, in order to understand the Chinese market, foreign manufacturers use hired Chinese local talent, willing to pay for information. Chinese enterprises to expand overseas market tool, go out, but the lack of transnational elites and people with extensive experience in the trade.

From the service perspective

foreign manufacturers with the laws of the country as the yardstick, the service is very standardized. Most domestic service companies are not in place, or virtually no service.
Of course, domestic enterprises have their own advantages, such as high familiarity with the market and a better understanding of local cultures, and therefore more likely to establish their own brand. As long as the establishment of effective decision-making mechanism of information channels and rapid response, and establish a good reputation, to provide users with high-quality products and perfect service, handmade Chinese enterprises can open a new world.

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